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New Eddystone Rock New Eddystone Rock Mouth of Rudyerd Bay
Rudyerd Bay Rudyerd Bay
Rudyerd Bay East Arm
Bear Country Bear Country Stream at head of Bay Stream at head of Bay
River Flats River flats Rudyerd
Brown bear swimming Brown bear swimming Cool Rock Formations Cool rock formations
Kayaker at Cheecats
Kayaker in Cheecats
Seals in Behm Canal
Sun's coming out Punchbowl Cove
Image16 Back in the Bay Image 17 Girls on the back deck
Sun's out Hurry get a picture
Head of Rudyard Head of Rudyerd Mountain Goats Mountain Goats
Leaving the Bay New Eddystone Rock New Eddystone

New Eddystone New Eddystone picnic

Picnic Over Party's over


Misty Fjords National Monument is one of Ketchikan's most popular attractions. The spectacular cliffs which rise over 3000 feet straight up from saltwater are truly amazing. Located 50 miles east of Ketchikan the head of Rudyerd Bay is our destination for this tour. Along the way we usually see humpback or killer whales, porpoise and harbor seals. Guarding the entrance to the fjords is New Eddystone Rock which is a great place to have a picnic on the way back to Ketchikan.

In the springtime brown bears are frequently seen along the shore feeding on grass as they wait for the arrival of the salmon runs. Salmon begin arriving in July and then the bears can often be seen fishing at the stream mouths. Last spring we watched a large brown bear swim nearly a mile from one side of the bay to the other. Then it struggled to climb out of the water up a steep bank where it shook off the water like a huge St. Bernard. All of our guests got great pictures and video on that trip.

To give plenty of time for taking pictures this tour takes 5 1/2 to 6 hours round trip from downtown. Picnics on New Eddystone Rock add about an hour to the tour.

There are several Forest Service trails within the monument which are seldom used. Freshwater trout fishing along one of these trails is a special treat. Hiking or fishing trips are available on a limited basis. Group size is limited by wilderness regulations to eleven persons. These trails are not always well maintained. All participants must be in good health and provide their own raingear and waterproof hiking boots.*


* Tours which include stops at New Eddystone Rock and hiking or freshwater fishing operate under special use permits issued by the U.S. Forest Service. Snow's Cove, Inc. and West Rock Alaska Tours are equal opportunity service providers.










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