Starfish are found in many sizes and colors clinging to the rocks
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After catching a fish bald eagles bring their meals to shore
Your tour guide will show you what to look for
Tidepools are home to a multitude of tiny fish, crustaceans and other creatures
Sea Anemones attract prey with their beauty
At higher tides we walk through the forest to explore the beaches on the other side of the island
Shorebirds search for tiny crustaceans
Humpback whales come and go with the schools of herring
Killer whales are sometimes seen on the way to or from the park
Getting there by boat
Watch live underwater video
A rare Pacific Sea Lemon grazes among limpets which keep mink well fed

Remote Beach Trek

at Blank Islands Alaska State Marine Park


Bears do not inhabit this small island. If you are coming after mid-July please consider going on our Neets Bay Bear Cruise - Tour KTN-035
Seals hangout on the reef nearby
Bald Eagles perch in the trees and soar overhead looking for fish