Snow's Cove Lodge
Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan and Vacinity

Ketchikan, Alaska 16.09 K

Each day take your choice of fishing or scenic tours aboard the Double Jeopardy.

However you choose to spend your day you will enjoy genuine Alaska scenery you've always read and dreamed about. Be sure to bring your camera.


Totem Poles 6.42 K
Totem Poles
(100 K)

Observe commercial fishermen hauling in nets full of salmon or spend part of your stay touring the totem parks and salmon hatcheries in Ketchikan.

Click on these photographs to take a look at some of the great views and the unique environment that is Southeast Alaska.

(Feel free to copy these pictures, but please do not alter them in any way.)

Ketchikan from the Water 4.05 K
Ketchikan, Alaska
(53 K)

Fishing Boat 3.59 K
Cape Ulitka, Alaska
(51 K)

Fishing Boat 3.27 K
Cordova Bay, Alaska
(60 K)

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